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Using Food City Coupons With Your Food Processor To Save Time And Money

Have you ever thought of using food city coupons with your food processor to save money? Sounds a bit weird but you actually can. (I personally think it’s an awesome idea.)


What Are Food Coupons?

Food city coupons are used to get discounts on supermarket items, and sometimes even rebates which you can use to get money to buy food not that are typically covered by coupons.

If you are someone who already use coupons regularly, then you must already have a collection of unused coupons waiting to be exchanged at Walmart. To able to use your spare coupons fast, you can buy coupon food items in bulk. But what do you do with all the food? Simple – process them with a food processor, then, freeze them for future use.


Walmart Coupon Policy – Overage

The coupon policy of Walmart currently allows for overage, which means if your coupon’s value exceeds the price of its item, then, you can get a rebate and use the money buying other items that are non-coupon. The overage from one coupon item can cover the cost of other non-coupon items (or foods that rarely have coupons) – like meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and also fresh fruits and vegetables. This leaves you getting even more food items absolutely free.


How To Use Your Food City Coupons With Food Processing To Save Money

A great idea is to use canned fruit and vegetable coupons with overage, and then get free animal meat items using the overage rebate money. With the canned fruits or vegetables you now have with meat, there are endless meals you can cook for your family. And with all of your new savings, you can also invest in a good food processor with optimum parts for you to prepare food in batches with great speed and performance. A processor that has up to 6 quarts capacity plus processing speed of 45 up to 1,400 lbs. per hour is a great investment – most especially for growing families as well as people who hardly have the time to prepare good food for their spouse and kids.


Where To Get Food Coupons

Using Food City Coupons With Your Food Processor To Save Time And MoneyThe best way to get food city coupons is to get the weekly newspaper. Most newspapers have 2 coupons each week – usually from Red Plum and Smart Source, and once per month, you’ll also get P&G coupon inserts. Occasionally, General Mills or other manufacturers will also give additional coupon inserts.

Try to seek out local and community newspapers as these are often free or available at a low price. They may even include the same coupon inserts found on larger papers.

Another tip is to subscribe to the newspapers (asking all the while for any new subscriber deals or specials). Traveling to the store to buy newspapers will likely cost you more money so it’s wiser to subscribe to newspapers to be delivered to your doorstep.


Different Types Of Coupons And Where To Find Them

The coupon inserts found in newspapers (and sometimes in mailers) are actually called Clippable coupons. Printable coupons on the other hand are available to be printed from websites. There are also Peelies or coupon stickers found on product labels. You can also find Hangtags or coupons hanging like tags on products, usually found around the necks of bottles. Tearpad coupons are also sometimes available in stores. You simply tear them off one by one on a pad of paper. Last but not least are Blinkies. These are coupons dispensed from a coupon shelf dispenser which usually has a blinking light on it – hence the term Blinkies.

If you haven’t done it yet, start collecting food city coupons to use with your food processor. This will help you save money, time to prepare food, as well as provide you great satisfaction clipping free coupons.

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