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The Best Dog Food For Labs

If you have a pet Labrador, you should find a way to find the best dog food for labs. What is the best dog food for labs then? Well, you can try Pedigree. Pedigree is a high quality dog food that is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fats, and protein. It is regarded as one of the best dry dog food for labs and is actually recommended by numerous veterinarians.

Dry Kibble And Raw Meat

Labradors generally eat two types of food: dry kibble and raw meat. Dry kibble can easily be bought from supermarkets and pet stores while raw meat can be bought from wet markets and meat shops. It is crucial for you to determine which type of food your Labrador likes best. If your pet is a picky eater, it is recommended to do a trial and error first.

Kibble is a type of dog food that looks like dried pellets. It is widely available in pet stores and even on the Internet. It is convenient to prepare which is why it is preferred by a lot of dog owners. Raw meat, on the other hand, is fresh and high in nutritional value. Veterinarians are more likely to recommend a diet of raw meat for Labradors since these animals are naturally carnivores. It may even be considered as the best dog food for black Labs.

How To Feed Labrador Puppies

If your Labrador is only a puppy, you should realize that its nutritional needs are different from that of a fully grown Labrador. You should especially be considerate if you have just bought it from a breeder or a pet store. Your breeder should have given you a list of recommended Labrador puppy food as well as feeding information for Labrador puppies.

Keep in mind that it is important to stick with what the puppy has been used to eating for a few days before introducing him to a new type of dog food. This is to prevent the stomach of your puppy from being shocked. If you do not have any information on how to feed your Labrador puppy, you should do a research online or visit your local pet store to ask for assistance.

What To Consider When It Comes To Dog Food

The Best Dog Food For LabsWhen buying dog food, you should make it a point to consider the age and breed of your pet. Breeds differ when it comes to eating habits. Likewise, the age of the dog determines its nutritional needs. For Labrador puppies, it is recommended to buy a small sack of kibble. Do not forget to check out the label to find out which one is most suitable for your pet.

Meals And Water

If your Labrador is used to eating kibble, it will tend to drink more water than a Labrador that is used to eating raw meat. Make sure that your pet drinks sufficient amounts of water daily. Do not forge to consider if it has allergies. You can look for the best dog food for labs with allergies.

The food of your Labrador puppy has to be divided into several portions. If you give it too much, it might have a diarrhea. For eight to twelve weeks, you should feed your puppy with at least three hours interval for each meal. This should be enough time for it to digest the food properly.

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