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Merrick Dog Food For Complete Canine Nutrition

Merrick dog food has ingredients that promote holistic dog nutrition. Merrick has been helping dog owners promote dog welfare and nutrition for almost 25 years. In these years of providing quality dog food, Merrick has stood out among its competitors because of its undying commitment to high standards.

Merrick’s Commitment To Quality

The company prides itself with the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved regulations it utilizes to produce high quality dog food. Ingredients include high quality fruits and vegetables, and real lamb, buffalo, chicken or duck meat, all locally-sourced in America. Because of the small number of handlers and distributors, the stocks are fresh and are used immediately. The raw materials used for dog food production are free of artificial flavoring and colorants that may cause harm to organisms. The recipes they use for the dog food are very well-planned that it seems edible even to humans.

The dog food produced by Merrick has high percent protein, which answers to every dog’s need of protein and healthy fats for energy, growth and development. With Merrick, dogs get optimum mass, increased energy, shiny coat and healthy skin.

Merrick Canned Goods: Goodness Stored In A Can

Merrick offers dry and wet dog food in sixty-five unique recipes. They come in four different categories: classic, grain-free, whole earth and treats. Merrick canned dog food comes in different flavors. Each can has indicators telling the age group and size the food is suitable to. Among the unique Merrick flavors are the Classic Grain Free Cowboy Cookout™, the Classic Grain Free Wingaling™, and the Classic Grain Free Smothered Comfort™. Grain free products are recommended for dogs because they find amylose sources like grains hard to digest. Dogs are primarily meat-eaters. They are almost devoid of salivary amylase, the enzyme needed to break down amylose molecules found in grains. As such, it is best for dogs to have a high protein, high healthy fat diet to maintain pristine health.

Merrick also offers products specific for aged pets. The Merrick Golden Years Senior Medley provides ample nutrition for the special needs of dogs in advanced stages of development.

Recall History And Reviews About Merrick Products

Merrick Dog Food For Complete Canine NutritionProducts are recalled from the market when certain health threats to its target consumers are identified as part of their components. The last recorded Merrick dog food recall was on the eighth of August, 2011, for a single lot of Doggie Wishbone per treat. The recall was due to potential bacterial contamination. No illnesses were recorded (recall basis due to FDA routine analysis), and after this product recall, no further recalls were made.

Merrick dog food reviews gave the brand generally positive ratings. Many praise its products for having high levels of protein for the growth and development of dogs.

Dog Food Expenses More Manageable With Coupons

Quality dog food can be very costly for many people. Fortunately, Merrick dog food coupons are available. With the proper use of these coupons, you can decrease dog food expenses up to about 70 percent. Printable coupons are legally available for download in many dog food websites, and are simply printed to use. There are also coupons for limited offers that give huge discounts for a certain amount of dog food bought. Take these discounts to your advantage. Times are tough, but our pets’ nutrition must not be compromised.

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