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GE Food Processor Recall News and General Processor Safety Info

Food processors are kitchen must-haves – I personally cannot live without my trusty new food processor (I used to own a GE Food Processor). A food processor is a great kitchen tool and best-friend for those who love cooking in large batches or people who like preparing complicated meals. The machine is best suited to perform the most tedious cooking preps like chopping, shredding, kneading, as well as slicing.


From GE to another GE

I used to use a GE® Food Processor before but unfortunately, it was recalled by Walmart and the CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) because of its fire hazard and laceration risks caused by faulty parts. It was manufactured in China after all. Other General Electric Food Processors on the other hand are top quality and passed all safety tests.


GE Food Processor Recall News

The GE Houseware Food Processor that got recalled was Model Number: 169203. It is a black processor with stainless steel rim, digital, and a 14-cup food processor. Its model number 169203 is imprinted under the unit. It was exclusively sold at Walmart from the period of September 2009 to February 2011 with a price tag of about $50. If you bought this item, stop using it right away. Don’t resell or attempt to resell it either because it’s illegal to sell recalled consumer products because of their risks.

The total number of General Electric® Food Processor units manufactured is about 255,000 and a total of 58 incidents or injuries were reported to Walmart. 24 of these reports found that the food processors were operated without the lid in place, out of which 21 resulted in fingertip injuries. 34 reports stated that the unit started smoking, and 3 of these reports indicated actual fires occurring with the use of the said processors.

The GE Food Processor parts are faulty because it was found that the safety interlock system on these food processors can fail. It was also found that the product can really emit smoke and possibly catch fire. All consumers are advised to immediately stop using these food processors and instead return them to any Walmart store for a 100% full refund. You can contact Walmart Customer Service at (877) 207-0923 (toll free) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or access the website at



GE Food Processor Recall News and General Processor Safety InfoFor a safer item to use, you can purchase other GE food processor models instead (like the GE 4 Speed Food Processor). Find one that possesses the right performance, safety, and power and precision to process food with its high-performance horsepower motor. A commercial line usually offers up to 6 quarts of capacity for bulk food processing.

As with all types of household equipment, operating instructions may vary depending on the model you are using, so make sure to refer first to the specific manual for your food processor before actually using it.

Here are some general safety tips and warnings you should take note of when using food processors:


GE Food Processor Manual – General Processor Tips and Caution

1 – Never attempt to fit attachments to your food processor while the machine is still plugged-in. Also, always unplug the food processor after the blades stop moving before opening the lid.

2 – Always close the lid before processing to prevent any accidental injury. Wait till the blades stop moving before you open the lid to remove food from the machine.

3 – When slicing or shredding, place the food you want to slice or grate into the feeding shoot. To push food into the chute, use the food stopper, never your bare hands, to protect yourself from injury.

4 – Lastly, do not use any parts or attachments that did not originally come with your food processor. Neither should you use those that were not made by the brand of the particular processor you are using.

As with all types or brands of good food processors, whether GE Food Processor or other brands, safety is more important than quality and performance.

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