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Dog Food Storage Container Tips for Your Pet’s Food Needs

Why should you invest in a good dog food storage container and a food processor? Here’s the answer. You got a new pet – a large breed dog or a puppy – but the problem is where to store all his food without letting him access and finish off every bit of it.


My Dog’s Story

I can never forget when I left my dog’s food in a plastic bag on top of the kitchen counter. I got home and found the house a mess – torn plastic everywhere, scattered pet food kibbles, and my dog lounging beside the sofa with a big bulging belly.

I can also never forget when my dearest dog got sick – got a urinary tract infection – because of eating too much high-protein dry dog food.

So what I did was, I purchased a food processor to prepare large batches of meat with fresh fruit and vegetables, and I got a bunch of durable and reliable dog food container storage bins to store both his fresh food and dry food kibbles. (I now limit his consumption of dry dog food kibbles as these are high in salt and preservatives.)


Here’s what I did…

I used my commercial food processor to prepare bulks of healthy meals for my dog (in order to save time and money), and the storage containers were of course used to protect the food from my dog, pests and vermin, as well as spoilage.

Here are some great tips or ideas for pet food storage, especially if you have a very eager pooch who loves food too much.


Pet-Proof Dog Food Container Storage Bins

Most pet item companies make bins especially designed for storing pet food. These bins have special features such as safety door locks to keep out inquisitive pets and even pre-measured scoops you can use. The best part about these bins is that they are designed to be chew-proof being made from a range of materials – heavy rubber, durable stainless steel, or sturdy aluminum.

Another great pro about buying these bins especially meant for pet food is that they are beautifully designed to blend in with your house or kitchen’s style. Unfortunately, they cost so much plus they are also usually made smaller than most alternative storage solutions. These are capable to hold only small amounts of dog food at a time, hence impractical for bulk buyers trying to save money.


DIY or Alternative Pet Food Containers

Rubber Tubs and Containers

Dog Food Storage Container Tips for Your Pet’s Food NeedsAs an alternative, you can buy rubber containers at a very cheap price at general goods stores. These tubs are more often used to store personal effects, but their waterproof nature can also make them great storage containers for large amounts of dry dog food.

The only downside to using these is that you’ll need to make sure they are strapped or locked securely against your pets. These rubber tubs don’t have locking mechanisms unlike specifically-designed pet food bins.


Garbage Containers

Rubberized and/or metal garbage containers can also be used as dog food storage container bins especially since they have the capacity to hold even the largest pack of dry dog food. Metal garbage bins are also chew-proof. Just make sure you disinfect or sterilize them first before using them because their materials are not at all made for storing food.

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